Best Automatic Brick Making Machine Manufacturer In India

Best Automatic Brick Making Machine Manufacturing Company In India

Automatic Brick Making Machine

An automatic brick making machine is so much better than a manual transmission, and has the capacity if manufacturing bricks and blocks in numbers that exceeds 3000 per hour. Their specially designed and manufactured automatic brick making machine comes with huge pressure technology that ranges from 175 tonnes to 120 tonnes depending upon its different models. Each model delivers and serves a specific requirement. The machinery works with vibration method, comes with double cylinder, double feeder facility, a sensor system and a panel board for complete control of the machine.

Different models of their automatic brick making machine can churn out high quality brick and blocks in matter of seconds (depending on the raw material the total process would range anywhere between 17 to 32 sec for each product). It comes with Auto Pallets Stacking system for a fast and even process. Depending upon what your requirement is, the automatic brick making machine has interchangeable moulds stack that allows for different size and shapes for blocks, pavers, curbstones, bricks etc.

Their Automatic Brick Making Machine line includes following models:

  • BHAS – 101 (18cvt.) Automatic Brick & Block Machine with Stacker
  • BHAS – 101A (15cvt.) Automatic Brick & Block Machine with Stacker
  • BHAS – 101B (12cvt.) Automatic Brick & Block Machine with Stacker
  • BHAS – 101C (10cvt.) Automatic Brick & Block Machine with Stacker

Why Choose Automatic Brick Making Machine?

Choosing an automatic brick making machine over a manual brick making machine or the more traditional brick manufacturing process, makes more sense. Given its practical applicability, ease of operation and of course the efficiency that is delivered in the shortest duration is unmatched by any other process. Their many advantages include:

  1. Automatic Controls

One of the more obvious advantage of these machineries are the fact that they are fully automatic, right from the control panel, to material hopper, hydraulic systems, mould lifting frames and the feeding device, each of the part is fully automatic and requires little to no monitoring.

  1. Quality

You can be assured of the quality of the bricks and blocks, with the more responsive and easily monitored process cycle. The same facilitated by an auto stacking and quality lifting system which ensures a smoother transition during process.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a notable advantage that the automatic brick making machines have, with incorporation of latest technology in IE2/IE3 motor system, the machines can produce large load of bricks and blocks with minimal energy consumption.

Brick Making Machine Manufacturer in India

With the development of Automatic brick making machines, construction scene has changed for good, with faster production and delivery of the materials required every construction project is lagging behind if they are not using the latest brick manufacturing technology. Bharatmach has been committed to client contentment and has been able to fulfil its obligations of providing the best quality industrial machinery for the construction sector and throughout the world. 

The company strives to supply the most up-to-date and reliable equipment technologies for the worldwide construction project. They have long maintained an unrivalled quality as a top brick making machine manufacturer. Their values, their driving force, have been to produce the most eco-friendly machinery and keeping socially responsible obligations and principles above all, decreasing carbon footprints and wastages, and assuring a sustainable and long-term company vision.

Bharatmach is committed to satisfy a growing construction scene around the world, and thus have been for long created and innovated new technologies to revolutionise the construction industry. With the network widely spread across the world, their reputation is only growing at a rate of notch with each new development and with ever new addition of machineries and equipment for the clients. 


Bharatmach has evolved to become a global leader in construction machineries manufacture. As a company that specialises in manufacturing industrial brick and block making machinery, they have earned unmatched reputation amongst their counterparts. They are known for providing high-reliability, innovative new developments, and cost-effective industrial machineries for a wide range of applications related to constructions needs. They have been in the industry for a long time and have earned a global reputation. 

Bharatmach is one of the leading names in the manufacture and supply of automatic brick making machinery for Pavements, interlocking blocks, and building blocks. Their automatic Brick Making Machinery produce the highest quality bricks and blocks from Fly Ash, Concrete, Lime-Gypsum, Stone Dust, River Sand, and Waste materials.

Bharat Mach has a long-standing reputation that has been gained through its continuous devotion to the entity's Vision and Objectives for more than 20 years. It is their relentless quest for innovation and vision to become a global leader that has led them to invest heavily on researching and developing the latest and most revolutionising construction machineries to make the construction process a walk in the park.