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Fly Ash Brick Machines

Fully Automatic Fly Ash Making Machines with Batching Plant, Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing, Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine Manufacturer Exporter & Supplier so we are one of the Best Bricks Udyog, Our industry setup is located in Gujarat, India.

BHARAT HYDRAULIC INDUSTRIES LLP is the preeminent machine manufacturer of fully automatic fly ash brick making machines, our machines range has lineament such as automatic raw material weighing, Auto mixing, Batching plant, finished brick’s Discharge via Conveyer for rapid production.

The product raw material of fly ash bricks conclude fly ash, sand, lime, and gypsum or cement

Bricks are originated by compressing heavily the unprocessed material in the mold shape and hydraulically pressed. The hydraulic unit is the core of this machine and that unit comprises of a Hydraulic chamber, the power pack is constructed in house. The entire framework of the system is PLC controlled. Our machine requires less labor exertion and is likewise financially savvy and has the arrangement of systematic fit as a fiddle and size with high compressive quality.

How to Choose the Right Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machine?

The productivity you need per day, which shapes of bricks do you need? Hollow? Perforated? Solid or other shapes?

Size of finished bricks you need, if you need special-shaped bricks, you need to inform us.

BHAS-101 (18cvt.) Automatic Multi Brick & Block Machine with Stacker

BHAS-101A (15cvt.) Automatic Multi Brick & Block Machine with Stacker

BHAS-101B (12cvt.) Automatic Multi Brick & Block Machine with Stacker

BHAS-101C (10cvt.) Automatic Multi Brick & Block Machine with Stacker

Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Machine Specifications :

Fully Automatic Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine.

Hydraulically operated press machine.

The production machine capacity is 1000 - 7000 bricks per hour.

Fast cycle period (6-7 Cycle per minute).

PLC Controlled operations.

Heavy-Duty Robust design.

Bricks are pushed out onto the pallets.

Automatic pallet feeding and stacking system.

Fly ash bricks size 6 Inch and size 4 Inch shall be manufactured in a similar machine.

This machine can also manufacture interlocking paver blocks.

Molds can be changed easily.

Feeding of material is done through a rubber belt conveyor.

Automatic Multi Brick and Solid Block making Machine Video :

The Advantages of Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine:

Powerful vibrating system. Ensure can produce high-intensive and high-strength finished fly ash bricks.

PLC touchable control system. It is easy to operate, can function smoothly, and has characteristics of low fault rate.

Finished fly ash bricks are various, only changing the module, you can get all shapes of bricks.

Short molding cycle and high capability, each molding cycle is 13 to 20s.

Frequency-conversion and energy-saving. It greatly saves electric power and prolongs the lifespan of electric motors.

Low noise of fully automatic fly ash bricks machine and long service life. There is an air cushion device set in the vibrating system.

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