Vibrotech with stacking series

Vibrotech with stacking series

Vibrotech With stacking series:

  • Automatic latest technology computer. panel board with Multi Brick & Brick Making programming system.
  • Automatic Multi Brick & Block Manufacturing capacity.
  • Double / Single Feeder Cylinder System.
  • Shifting trolley for easy material handling process.
  • The moulds are changeable and it is able to produce various kind of blocks, bricks, interlocks, pavers and Curbstones in different types, sizes, shapes and color layers.
  • Special Vibration with pressure Automatic Multi Brick & Block making Machine
  • Vibration box with Spring & Mouting for Smooth & Effective Vibration System.

With Batching series block machine is a high-efficiency model that is Special developed for Industrial Leaders who want to produce mass production with features of easy operation, big capacity, high quality, high stability, low running costs and so on. It is designed to match the various customer requirements, such as special-shape cement products, hollow bricks, paving bricks, curb stones and solid bricks, etc.

Efficient Vibro. box vibration:

  • Special Bharatmach design Smooth Vibro. box with forced synchronous mechanism is adopted to realize

Output quality:

  • With Auto. Weighing Batching, fast dynamic response speed and short molding cycle, With Batching series block machines can have great quality output products due to accuracy in material feeding.

Energy efficient:

  • With large load capacity, we use energy efficient motor of latest technology IE2/IE3 system.

Automatic mould lifting frame:

  • The adjustment of the mold frame is realized by the automatic lifting frame and the auxiliary positioning of the screw rod, so that mould can be changed quickly and easily.

Material hopper door:

  • The material hopper door opening and closing are driven by material feeder reverse & forward system, which is more stable and faster, improving the production efficiency.

Panel control:

  • The control system adopts Delta PLC and other world-famous brands for sensor and electrical components, such as Schneider, Siemens etc..

Efficient hydraulic system:

  • The hydraulic system adopts imported high dynamic proportional valve and high performance vane pump, which is characterized by convenient parameter adjustment, high pressure resistance, low noise, energy saving and easy maintenance.

Multi-purpose block machine:

  • By changing moulds, one machine can produce various types of blocks and bricks, such as hollow blocks, paving bricks (with or without face color), solid bricks, curbstones and slope protection bricks.

Material Feeding Device

  • To meet different block production requirements, there are two material feeder, One for cement concrete material feeding & Second one for color or other powder type material feeder for Better finishing & coloring.