Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers

Fly Ash Bricks Making Machine Manufacturers

Before starting the discussion on fly ash bricks first, we’ve to seem at the effect of clay bricks on nature.


 There is one estimate that around 180 billion tonnes of common burnt bricks are used once a year which suggests it required 340 tonnes of clay and it comes from the highest layer of around 5000 acres of land dug out by brick manufacturers. The clay brick is heated and required coal or wood which can cause deforestation.


What is fly ash brick in the Indian Market?


The pulverized fuel ash is usually referred to as ash and it’s a by-product from the coal-based power station. The ash brick manufacturer uses this ash to form the ash brick because of the alternative of clay bricks.


 The demand for ash bricks in India is increasing. Because of the cost and environmental benefits, people prefer more and more ash bricks over common burnt bricks.


India depends on the coal-based power station. These plants produce a really great deal of ash. The govt has no other thanks to dumping the ash and therefore the ash is dangerous for the environment.


 The ash brick making may be a very profitable business in India because the brick quality is high and required fewer resources than common burnt bricks.


Benefits of Fly Ash Bricks


The profit factor is extremely high within ash brick manufacturing. There’s a minimum profit of 1 INR per brick is needless to say. It’s going to vary for various places and it depends on labor, raw materials, and power supply.


 As we all know the ash is merely available through the thermal power station. so before starting business manufacturers need to research on demand for ash bricks and therefore the availability of ash. It’s advisable to urge your quota of ash than to shop for from the black market.


 Machinery may be the heart of any industry. To buy a machine from a well-established manufacturer. The rationale behind this is that this machine required regular tune-ups and frequent maintenance at the starting of production. The rotary type hydraulic machine is much recommended for primary manufacturers.


Bharat Mach is a well Known Fly ash bricks machine manufacturer in Gujarat, India.