Paver Block Machine

Paver Block Machine

Paver Block Machine

BharatMach is a famous Paver Block Machine Manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We believe in producing superior quality machinery with a sharp vision on market. It takes a lot of skills to design products in a competitive market. We provide innovative and Sustainable Hydraulic and Vibrating Technologies for Construction Machinery.


Semi Auto. Interlock Paver Block Machine is a high-efficiency model that is Special developed for Small scale production with features of easy operation, small capacity, high quality, high stability, low running costs and so on. It is designed to match the various customer requirements, such as special-shape cement products, Solid bricks & block etc.

1. Output quality

Semi Automatic fast dynamic response speed and short molding cycle, With Semi Auto. brick & block Tech. series machines can have great quality output products.

2. Energy efficient

With large load capacity, we use energy efficient motor of latest technology IE2/IE3 system.

3. Efficient hydraulic system

The hydraulic system adopts imported high dynamic proportional valve and high performance vane pump, which is characterized by convenient parameter adjustment, high pressure resistance, low noise, energy saving and easy maintenance.

4. Solid brick & block machine

By changing moulds, one machine can produce various types of blocks and bricks, such as Solid bricks & Inter-lock Paver block ect..

5. Material feeding device

Manual feeding the mould by hand.