Brick Mould set - Brick Die

Brick Mould set - Brick Die

Brick Mould set / Brick Die set

We are Pleased to Introduce Ourselves As One Of the Best Brick & Block Mould Making Technology for Industrial & Construction Machinery. We are engaged since 2008 and honoured for better service and quality machine work. The mould workshop can design and customize mould according to different requirements. We (BHARATMACH) have the complete set of the processing machine and the particular self-developed equipments for the mould and assemble Also have a Quality Vendors for heat treatment operation, we also use the WC technology of surface injection to ensure the accuracy of the mold machining precision, assembly, pressure head on the plate and frame hardness and wear resistance, and matching accuracy between frame and plate, so as to produce the concrete production with smooth surface and accurate dimension.

The elaborate mould can match the Bharatmach block making machine well to produce all kinds of the high-quality concrete products, such as the concrete block, paving stone, hollow block, solid brick, curb stone and some special sizes and shapes block/brick.