BHS-203H (2cvt.) Twin Semi Auto. Fly Ash Brick & Block Machine

Electricity Require 5 Hp (3.73kW)
Pressure Capacity &
Vibration Motor
60 Tones
Oil Tank capcity 150 Liters

Brand / Make

BHARATMACH / Bharat Hydraulic



Main Technology

60 Tones pressure, Manual feeder, Sensor system & Panel board.

Motor make

Crompton Greaves / Havells / Shreehari Elect. Co.

Shed for machine setup

Length 40 ft. x Width 25 ft. x Height 12 ft.

Total Area

10,000 to 12,000 Square feet


Brick & Block Raw material

Fly Ash, Cement or Lime-Gypsum, Stone Dust, River Sand, Up to 6mm Aggregate, Construction waste, Sand etc.

Usage / Application of Machinery

For manufacturing of Fly Ash Brick, Cement Brick, Solid Block, Cement/Concrete Block, Interlock Plain Paver Block & Curbstone.

Image Per Stroke Per Hours Per Shift / Hours
Fly Ash Brick
( 9" x 4" x 3" ) Or any standard size
2cvt. 375nos 3,000nos
Zigzag Paver
With color
--- --- ---
I Shape Paver
With color
--- --- ---
Zigzag Paver
Without color
--- --- ---
I Shape Paver
Without color
--- --- ---
Solid Block
( 12" x 8" x 6" ) Or any standard size
1cvt. 125nos 1,000nos
( 18" x 8" x 6" ) Or any standard size
--- --- ---
Hollow Block
( 16" x 8" x 8" ) Or any standard size
--- --- ---
Interlock Brick
( 9.5" x 4.8" x 4" ) Or any standard size
1cvt. 90nos 720nos

Semi Auto. Brick & Block Tech. series brick & block machine is a high-efficiency model that is Special developed for Small scale production with features of easy operation, small capacity, high quality, high stability, low running costs and so on. It is designed to match the various customer requirements, such as special-shape cement products, Solid bricks & block etc.

1. Output quality

Semi Automatic fast dynamic response speed and short molding cycle, With Semi Auto. brick & block Tech. series machines can have great quality output products.

2. Energy efficient

With large load capacity, we use energy efficient motor of latest technology IE2/IE3 system.

3. Efficient hydraulic system

The hydraulic system adopts imported high dynamic proportional valve and high performance vane pump, which is characterized by convenient parameter adjustment, high pressure resistance, low noise, energy saving and easy maintenance.

4. Solid brick & block machine

By changing moulds, one machine can produce various types of blocks and bricks, such as Solid bricks & block ect..

5. Material feeding device

Manual feeding the mould by small feeder Push/Pull system.

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Semi Auto. Brick & Block Tech. Series

- Manual Hydraulic & Lever Operated feature latest technology with small Panel board.
- Manual Feeding & Mould Push/Pull system.
- Manual Brick & Block Making Manufacturing capacity.
- Heavy Hydraulic Cylinder.
- Manual Lifting / Pallets system of finished goods output for speedy & smooth operation.
- Shifting trolley for easy material handling process.
- Fitted with special hydraulic loading unit, readily realize production, saving a great deal of human power, maintenance field and circulating fund investment.
- The moulds are changeable and it is able to produce various kind of Brick, Block & Inter-Locking Color Paver Block different types, sizes, shapes & Color Layer.