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Rubber Mould Vs Silicone Mould



Moulds have been around, literally since the beginning of the time. The first traces of moulds can be traced back to the Metal Age, where stone moulds were presumably used to make spearheads. A mould is nothing but a cast in which a clay or related material can be cemented and left for some time or treated to produce the desired shape. In essence, a mould is a simple structure or composite that may be filled with a malleable substance or liquid that, when hardened, adopts the shape of the original that the mould was created to replicate.

Nowadays, moulds have a varied application, use to produce foundation of many industry grade materials such as bricks or blocks or many other things in bulk quantity. The sort of moulding element which will be used to recreate the original will typically determine the type of mould that is made. Because of their flexibility and ability to replicate exceptional detail, most mould-making materials are comprised of natural or synthetic rubber. Moulds are constructed for a relatively harder materials, such as gypsum plasters, cement etc. Though traditionally rubber has been the preferred choice for moulds because of its versatility Silicone moulds have made way with technological advances. Silicone is divided into two groups: condensation cure and addition cure. One is more suitable for a certain undertaking than the other. 

Given the two different categories of mould you would to understand the difference between the two and determine which suits best for your need.

Rubber Mould vs Silicone Mould

Moulds are used to create many things and specifically in the construction world, moulds are used to make stones, tiles, bricks, and pavers for a fraction of the price compared to what their cost would be when bought separately. while rubber moulds have been the traditional choice silicone mould are also used these days. Since both these materials are different in terms of its application and composition, each is fit for a specific requirement. 

1. Rubber Moulds:

rubber moulds

Rubber Moulds have higher strength and are perfect for the construction industry. While churning out high quality bricks, pavers and blocks for them, the strength of the mould matters, after all the foundation stones, bricks, blocks of huge skyscrapers need to be strong and durable. Also, one more advantage of the rubber moulds is the moderate cost. In the past the price of bricks and blocks alone would dent a budget of a construction project, however with special rubber moulds it is easier to produce many bricks and blocks at a time. No matter the size of the project, the moulds deliver a cost-effective result.

2. Silicone Moulds:

Silicone Moulds

Silicone moulds are also a popular kind of mould available in the market and is capable of making high quality brick, blocks, steppers etc. They are newly innovated and highly in demand product for its ready availability and application. They are preferred mostly because of their resistance to chemicals, the property which ensures that the mould stays the way it is designed for a longer period. Absolutely no release agent in needed as compared to rubber moulds where you require a release agent to free the end product. They are known to retain its shape and has absolutely no shrink and thus has a longer storage life. Given the infused qualities, silicone mould is comparatively priced higher than the rubber moulds.

At BharatMach we prefer a more cost effective, versatile and more practical moulding solution, our rubber moulds are far better a choice than the newly invented silicone mould which is sure to make to budget swing north.

Rubber Mould Manufacturers

To satisfy the demands of its clients, the firm creates pvc moulds on a large scale in a range of sizes and styles. Rubber mould manufacturers make a usable rubber product out of untreated rubber or elastomers. At BharatMach the company is known to produce high quality rubber mould in the following categories:

  • Paver Block Moulds
  • Elevation Moulds
  • Tiles Mould (In different sizes such as 10 x 10, 12 x 12 and 16 x 16)
  • Step Riser Moulds
  • Ventilation Moulds
  • Curbstone/ Divider Moulds


BharatMach is a renowned name in the moulding industry for providng tailored solutions for a wide range of consumers and their diverse needs. They offer high-quality Rubberized PVC mould for various industrial applications. These rubber moulds are well-known for both their innate as well as enhanced attributes such as weather and heat resistance, convenience of use, perfect composition, longer shelf life, purity, safe application and above all the cost-effectiveness. Apart from being a major player in creating world class moulding solution, Bharatmach is India's major manufacturer and supplier of plant machinery, parts and accessories, and chemicals, as well as Oxide Colour and Recycle Ply. In the construction machinery industry, technological advancements and ground-breaking technique advancement have enabled them to really gain a base in the domestic market, and also to expand their influence in a global market.