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Together with BHARAT Group, we are into a joint venture in India for the manufacturing of machines in India. These machines manufacturing are made upon the principle of reduction of price as well for the easy accessibility of the after sales services strength. By the end of the year the company will be manufacturing BHF-100 18cvt. machines starting with the 18 Brick machine and then we have a plan for Next year to manufacture BHF-100 30cvt. which is a 30 Brick machine further moving ahead they plan for a bigger fully automated plant. This is our basic plan for 4 to 18 brick machines. In upcoming Years We are coming up with a new model known as Fully Automatic Multi Brick & Block Machine Planr which will be introduced in India but surprisingly it already has a booking order. The major focus for the firm will be BHAS-101, BHA-100 & BHS-203 machine. The product segregates will be exported to other countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, USA, Kenya, Canada etc..

We "BHARATMACH (BHARAT Group)" are also dealing with the manufacturing of concrete block and brick laying machine. The company will use it for fly-ash block making machine.