PVC Paver / Tiles Mould

PVC Paver / Tiles Mould

The range of products at BHARATMACH includes PVC Paver moulds for door frame, window frame, Paver blocks, chequered tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, Curbstones, slab stones, Concrete Precast Paver Rubber Mould, Rubberised PVC Paver Mould, Cover Block and Precast Concrete Rubber Mould etc.

Usage/Application: For mfg. of Paver Block, Tiles, Cover block, Curbstone, Ventilation, Elevation etc.

Material: PVC Rubber

Packaging Type: BOX


I Deal In: New and Second Hand

Country of Origin: Made in India

Is It Water Resistance: Yes, it's Water Resistance.

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